Tuesday 29 June 2010

"Chatter-Bot" scoops grand prize in Chatter Developer Challenge

The Salesforce Chatter Developer challenge has ended and the winner has been announced as Chatter Bot by Michael Leach. Chatter Bot is a project that enables the transfer of real world physical sensor data to the Salesforce cloud in the form of Chatter.The Chatter Bot has it's very own personal profile within Chatter, and updates subscribers of significant readings from light and motion sensors.

The following video shows Chatter Bot in action

What impresses me most about this idea is that it really plays on Chatters aim of making information more personable and efficient. Using sensors in this context may get scientists and security organisations thinking about how they could make effective use of combining sensor input with cloud technology.

A Chatter adaptation for the Android mobile phone platform developed by Jeff Douglas came second in the competition. Third place was shared by three separate projects; Location Glimpse; a location sharing application, Txt2Chatter; a text message service that allows users to remotely update their status, and Feed Sentiment; providing managers with an overview of how the sales team is feeling about current opportunities.

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