Saturday 5 December 2015

Bristol DUG Report: Salesforce Christmas Pub Quiz!

On Thursday 3rd December, the Bristol Salesforce Developer User Group met together in the Stag & Hounds Pub. After a year of intense lightning quick app development and trail badge collecting, the last DUG of the year was a special reward, a themed Christmas pub team quiz.

The quiz consisted of 5 rounds. The first 3 rounds included questions relating to general development and platform enhancements of 2015, starting easy and getting gradually more testing! The fourth round was a music round, where developers had to identify the artist and title of 5 songs, then for a bonus point, identify the Salesforce related connection between them all.

The final round was titled "Trailhead 2 head". Each team was allocated a device and a developer account logged into trailhead, and given the challenge of earning the Lightning Experience Basics trail badge in the fastest time possible. All teams finished the trial within 5 minutes, a superb effort by all.

BUT WAIT, THERES MORE! After the main quiz was over, all contestants were invited to answer quick fire questions in a special LIGHTNING ROUND! All developers took the hot seat in turn and had 60 seconds to answer as many questions on development as possible!

Congratulations to the team of Alex Tennant and Fabrice Cathala for the top scores on the night, but there were other winners too!

Even bigger congratulations to Simon and his amazing IoT Christmas Jumper, complete with flashing lights and bluetooth speaker!

Below are the questions from the quiz, feel free to test out your own knowledge, or use them in your own groups!

Happy Holidays to (Salesforce) 1 and all !!!

Round 1 (easy)

1: What is the full name (2 words) of the new user interface introduced by salesforce this year?
A: Lightning Experience

2: What is the new name for the previous salesforce interface, which used to be known as aloha?
A: Salesforce Classic

3: 2015 has arguably been the year of trailhead. What is the name of the trailhead adopted mascot, (wears a raccoon outfit)?
A: astro

4: what's the api number of winter '16?
A: 35.0

5: In the previous Salesforce setup menu, does the custom settings option appear under "create or develop"?
A: Develop

Round 2 (medium)

6: True or false, you can add Lightning Components to Visualforce pages?
A: true

7: Text, Number and Date are examples of output types from formula fields, name 3 of the other 4 (bonus point for all four).
A: Date/Time, Percentage, Currency, Checkbox

8: This year, the available developer certifications have been overhauled. developer and advanced developer have been replaced. Name any of the new developer certifications, or the name of the new certification for individuals who want to demonstrate their skills of implementing custom applications using the declarative customisation capabilities.
A: Salesforce platform app builder, Salesforce platform developer 1, platform developer 2

9: what does SOSL stand for?
A: Salesforce object search language

10: with regards to the order of execution, which of the following occurs first; execution of criteria based sharing, executing escalation rules, or sending emails.
A: executing escalation rules

Round 3 (hard)
11: solve the following anagram to find a Salesforce feature: “HENS GULPING BRISTOL CIDER”
A: Lightning Process Builder

12: When creating test methods for classes that make external web service calls, what interface should you use to imitate responses from the external call.
A: WebServiceMock

13: what annotation can you add to a method in a test class to create test records accessible to all other test methods in that test class
A: @testsetup

14: true or false, you can add bucketed fields to joined reports
A: false, this is not possible.

15: AVG (stands for average) is an aggregate function supported by SOQL. Name 4 of the other 5.
A: 4 from Count(), count(fieldname), count_distinct, min, max, sum

Music round

Listen to the following music tracks - name the artist and the full song title for 1 point

16: Huey Lewis and the News - Power of Love
17: Will.I.AM (ft britney spears) - scream and shout
18: Stevie Wonder - Superstition
19: MC Hammer - 2 legit 2 quit
20: The Beach Boys - Good Vibrations

21: how are all the songs connected? The artists have all appeared in Dreamforce keynotes

Trailhead 2 head - I need to prepare 3 existing dev orgs with trailhead logins, then identify a badge that could be won. Teams will then nominate someone to go head to head with other developers.

Finish the badge within 5 mins - 2 pts
Finish with No mistakes - 2pts
Finish first - 1 pt

Lightning round questions (Asked in random order):

Q: What does DML stand for?
A: data manipulation language

Q: How do you control page layout allocation, roles or profiles?
A: Profiles

Q: What does SOQL stand for?
A: Salesforce object query language

Q: True or false, You can use a * character in SOSL queries to select all fields?
A: False

Q: True or false, trailhead is aimed at developers, and only contains trails for developers?
A: False

Q: Name the annotation that can be used to make private variables and methods readable from test methods?
A: @TestVisible

Q: What is the default single batch size used by the bulk api for manipulating records
A: 200

Q: What is the maximum number of master detail relationships a custom object can have?
A: 2

Q: What is the name of the dashboard report type that displays data in a circular chart with a hollow middle section
A: Donut chart

Q: What is the maximum number of calls to the sendEmail method that you can make during a single code execution?
A: 10

Q: What is the maximum number of DML calls that can be made during a single execution of code?
A: 150

Q: What is the maximum number of SOSL queries that can be made during a single execution of code?
A: 20

Q: Name the method annotation you should use if you want that method to execute asynchronously.
A: @future

Q: What executes first in the order of execution, triggers or workflow?
A: Triggers

Q: If an organization's customers are individuals rather than businesses, they can opt to merge contacts and accounts into a single object. What is the name of that object?
A: Person accounts

Q: The four base types of report are tabular, summary, joined and what?
A: Matrix

Q: In the Salesforce community, What does mvp stand for?
A: Most valued professional

Q: If all users in an organisation should be able to view and modify all records for a particular object, what should the organization wide default sharing settings be for that object?
A: Public Read / Write.

Q: If all users in an organisation should be able to view all records for a particular object, but only some users should be able to edit the records, what should the organization wide default sharing settings be for that object?
A: Public Read

Q: What can be allocated to users to provide them with extra permissions and features that they do not have as part of their profile?
A: Permission sets

Q:What attribute, available for the majority of Visualforce components, controls if the component markup is generated on the page?
A: Rendered

Q: What 4 letter word are core visualforce tags prefixed with?
A: Apex

Q: What 4 letter word are core lightning component tags prefixed with?
A: Aura

Q: True or False, you can create roll up summary fields on both lookup and master detail relationships?
A: False, it is just master detail.

Q: What is the maximum number of lookup filters that can be active on an object at any one time?
A: 5

Q: What name is commonly given to a custom object that links together two other objects through a many-to-many relationship?
A: Junction Object

Q: In a Developer edition of Salesforce, what is the maximum number of custom fields you can define per object?
A: 500

Q: What is the maximum length of a standard text field?
A: 255

Q: What is the maximum number of relationship fields you can have on a custom object?
A: 40

Q: According to Salesforce Governor limits, what is the total number of records you can retrieve using SOQL in a single execution of code.
A: 50,000

Q: What is the maximum number of roll up summaries that an object can have?
A: 25

Q: What attribute of an <apex:page> tag is most commonly used to render the contents of a page in a PDF Format
A: RenderAs

Q: What standard Apex method can be called to transform a lead into account, contact and optionally, an opportunity.
A: ConvertLead()

Q: Name the trigger context variable, only available in insert and update triggers, which contains a list of all of the new records.
A: new

Q: What is the maximum number of characters that can be in an Apex Class
A: 1 million

Q: What website can users access to check the current status of Salesforce servers?

Q: What annotation can be used to mark a method as a test method?
A: @isTest (also accept test method).

Q: There are two types of custom settings, one is list, what is the other?
A: Hierarchy

Q: Which city hosted Dreamforce 2015?
A: San Francisco
Q: Which band headlined the Dreamforce gala this year?
A: Foo Fighters


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