Thursday 18 September 2014

Bristol DUG Report - Enterprise Design Patterns and Salesforce Dev Quiz!

On the 17th September, the latest Bristol DUG meetup was held in the Elephant Pub in Bristol. In this edition, Andrew Fawcett, CTO of Financial Force, gave a great talk on Enterprise Patterns and the best techniques to use to keep your code organised. The talk contained exerpts from his forthcoming presentations on the subject at Dreamforce 2014, where he demonstrates the improvements to maintainability and adaptability of code which is divided by concern.

Check out the Preview of Advanced Apex Enterprise Patterns Session post on Andrew's blog to get a flavour of the content.

Following the talk, and a recharge of glasses, the first annual Bristol DUG Pub quiz was held. Entrants were treated to 20 quick fire Salesforce development questions (found below, just in case you want to run a similar event at your own DUG). The eventual winner was Alex Tennant, with an impressive score of 16.5!

  1. Q: What does DML stand for?
A: Data Manipulation Language

  1. Q: Name the four types of action you can do as the result of workflow
A: Task, Field Update, Outbound Message, Email Alert.

  1. Q: What number API version is Winter ‘15?
A: 32

  1. Q: Name four programming languages that heroku supports (A cloud trivia favorite of mine)
A: Ruby, Java, Node.js, Scala, Clojure, Python and PHP, Perl (Undocumented).

  1. Q: Name two of the Visualforce tags that belong to the chatter group (IE Chatter: instead of Apex: , not ChatterAnswers:)?
A: feed, feedWithFollowers, follow, followers, newsfeed, userPhotoUpload

  1. Q: Governor limit maths: what is the Total number of methods with the future annotation allowed per Apex invocation x Total number of DML statements issued - Total number of sendEmail methods allowed
A: 10 x 150 - 10 = 1490

  1. Q: True or False, You can deploy a maximum of 5,000 files as part of an individual change set?
A: True

  1. Q: Name the Salesforce API that you can use to build custom development tools for applications.
A: Tooling API

  1. Q: In the setup menu, does “Static Resources” appear under the “Develop” or the “Create” sub menu?
A: Develop

  1. Q: Name 5 types of charts that can be used in reports and dashboards?
A: Bar Charts, Column Charts, Line Charts, Pie Charts, Donut Charts, Funnel Charts, Scatter Charts.

  1. Q: Who is headlining the Dreamforce gala this year (2014)?
A: Bruno Mars

  1. Q: Which of these is not a standard salesforce object accessible via SOQL - AccountTag , Question or CaseEscalationRule?
A: CaseEscalationRule

  1. Q: In the order of execution, what occurs first, escalation rules or assignment rules?
A: assignment rules

  1. Q: What is the former name of Salesforce Tower in London, which resides on Bishops Gate (bonus point for correctly guessing the number portion of the address)?
A: Heron Tower (Bonus point for number 110 Bishops Gate)

  1. Q: True or False, The salesforce Advanced Developer certification is a prerequisite for taking the technical architect certification?
A: False, you can just do developer

  1. Q: According to, How many EMEA instances (ie EU servers) do salesforce currently host?
A: 4 (EU0, EU1, EU2 and EU3)

  1. Q: When using batch Apex, you must write an Apex class that implements what Salesforce-provided interface?
A: Database.Batchable

  1. Q: Name the two different types (or varieties) of custom setting objects that be created
A: List + Hierarchy

  1. Q: Name the three types of Salesforce collections in Apex
A: List, Set, Map

  1. Q: Name 3 of the annotations supported in apex classes (hint, they all begin with the @ symbol)
A: @Deprecated, @Future, @IsTest, @ReadOnly, @RemoteAction, @TestVisible, @RestResource, @HttpDelete, @HttpGet, @HttpPatch, @HttpPost, @HttpPut

Thanks to all who came along, see you all next time, where we will no doubt have some Dreamforce content! Possibly a report back from the $1Million Hackathon


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