Friday 26 April 2013

Bristol DUG - FxFW - Mobile Week Meetup

Force by Force West (FxFW) is a developer user group for Bristol and the south west. Last night, at the Llandoger trow, the group met as part of the Salesforce Mobile developer week.

Peter Chittum, Developer Evangelist/Trainer from, was on hand to present the new mobile functionality and libraries. The demonstration contained lots of actual code examples (much to the delight of the audience) as well as exploring some of the design choices involved in creating mobile apps and integrating with the platform.

But it didn't just stop there, discussions branched into security (particularly the value of OAuth best practices and suggestions), certifications and training (who knew there was a 502 integration class??), and the best ways to introduce developers from other platforms to the world of cloud development.

As part of the evening, we announced that the FxFW group is holding a mobile hack challenge for developers keen to test their skills and learn about the new mobile offering, with the top prize being a new shiny iPod nano (ooooooh!). For more information on the group and upcoming events and hack challenges, visit our Meetup group page. hope to see you at our next event!

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